Terms of Use

General provisions

  1. These purchase and sale rules (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") are a document adapted to the parties involved, which determine the rights and obligations of the Buyer and www.feriorintima.lt (hereinafter the "Seller"), the procedure for the purchase of goods, the delivery and return of goods, and other provisions related to with the activities of the online store www.feriorintima.lt.
  2. The seller has the right to change or supplement these rules at any time without informing the buyer in advance. The changed rules apply to new buyers who purchase goods at www.feriorintima.lt by e-mail. purchased in the store after the rule change.
  3. email All natural and legal persons of legal age can shop at www.feriorintima.lt (minor natural persons have the right to purchase goods only with the consent of their parents or guardians).

Personal data of buyers

  1. The Seller ensures that none of the Buyer's personal information (address, telephone number, name, surname, etc.) will be transferred to third parties, except for those cases when the Buyer's personal information needs to be provided to the Seller's partners in order to ensure the quality of the service provided by the Seller (ie to courier services, Lithuanian mail etc.).
  2. In all other cases, the Buyer's personal information (such as address, telephone number, name, surname, etc.) may be disclosed to third parties only in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  3. The Seller can use the Buyer's personal information for marketing purposes, if he has the Buyer's consent (news order by e-mail, phone, etc.).
  4. The buyer, who does not want his information to be used for marketing purposes, has the right to contact the administration of www.feriorintima.lt by e-mail. by e-mail feriorintima@gmail.com and send a written request to stop using the Buyer's data for marketing purposes.
  5. It is the Buyer's responsibility to provide all personal information necessary to provide the Seller's quality service.

Conclusion of the purchase - sale contract

  1. The Buyer is considered to have entered into a sales contract from the moment he confirms his order by e-mail. in the store www.feriorintima.lt
  2. It is considered that the seller agrees to enter into a sales contract from the moment he confirms the customer's order and begins to execute it.
  3. Neither the Buyer nor the Seller is obliged to notify interested parties separately in writing or by telephone about the purchase and sale agreement.

Buyer's rights

  1. The buyer has the right to buy the goods offered by the seller in accordance with the procedure established by these rules.
  2. The buyer has the right to terminate the sales contract no later than within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the goods, by notifying the Seller in advance (by e-mail, telephone, registered mail) about the termination of the sales contract and the return of the goods.

Responsibilities of the buyer

  1. The Buyer undertakes not to transfer his login data to the Seller's system to third parties. If the buyer loses his login data, he must immediately inform the Seller by phone or e-mail. by post
  2. If the buyer's personal data changes (phone number, address, etc.), the Buyer undertakes to immediately update the data in the Seller's system during the next order.
  3. In case of termination of the purchase-sale agreement, the Buyer must inform the seller about the termination of the agreement in writing (e-mail or registered letter) no later than within 14 calendar days. After the Seller confirms the termination of the contract, the Buyer undertakes to return the received product by sending it (by registered mail or using the services of courier services) to the address specified by the Seller.
  4. When purchasing goods, the Buyer undertakes to accept the goods delivered to the Buyer's address.
  5. When buying goods, the buyer must comply with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

Seller's rights

  1. The Seller has the right to restrict the Buyer's activity in the www.feriorintima.lt system if the Buyer damages e-mail. for the stability and safety of the store's work.
  2. In the event of adverse circumstances, the Seller has the right to temporarily terminate e-mail. store operations without notifying the Buyer.
  3. The Seller has the right to cancel the Buyer's order if the buyer chooses to pay in advance, but does not pay for the goods within 5 working days of placing the order.
  4. The Seller has the right to cancel the Buyer's order if there are problems with the delivery of the goods and it is not possible to reach the Buyer through the contacts specified by him.

Responsibilities of the seller

  1. The Seller undertakes to enable the Buyer to use the services provided by www.feriorintima.lt .
  2. The Seller undertakes to respect the Buyer's right to confidentiality of personal data, except in cases where the data must be provided to third parties in accordance with the procedure provided by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  3. The Seller undertakes to deliver the goods ordered by the Buyer according to the method of delivery chosen by the Buyer.
  4. The seller, who is unable to deliver the ordered goods to the buyer due to unforeseen circumstances, undertakes to offer a product with similar characteristics and appearance, or to return the money paid to the buyer within a period not exceeding 14 working days, if advance payment was made.

Product prices, payment

  1. The prices of goods in the online store are indicated in euros.
  2. The buyer pays for the goods in one of the following ways:
    1. By advance money transfer
    2. In cash, at the time of delivery/collection of goods
  3. The Seller has the right to change payment methods without informing the Buyer in advance.

Product quality, warranty, return and exchange.

  1. Seller warrants that all items provided are new, of good quality, and unused, unless otherwise stated in the item description.
  2. The buyer has the right to return the wrong goods within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods, but their packaging must be intact and the original packaging of the goods must be intact.
  3. The buyer who wants to return the purchased item must ensure that:
    1. The product is unused.
    2. The product is undamaged.
    3. The product's original packaging is preserved and intact.
    4. Product label preserved and intact.
    5. The package of the product is the same as the one received by the Buyer.
    6. The buyer has saved a document proving the purchase of goods (eg: VAT invoice).
  4. A buyer who wants to return an unsatisfied product must fill out a free-form application and indicate the reason for the return.
  5. Money for returned goods is transferred strictly only to the payer's bank account.
  6. In the case of a return, the Seller does not reimburse the Buyer for the cost of paying for the order.
  7. Return shipping costs for quality items exchanged or returned are the responsibility of the buyer.

Final Provisions

  1. These rules are drawn up in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  2. All disagreements arising from these rules shall be resolved by negotiation. If it is not possible to reach an agreement, disagreements are resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  3. The parties are released from the obligations of this contract if their fulfillment is impossible due to force majeure.



If you don't like the product you bought online, you can return it to us within fourteen days. We will refund the money you paid, excluding the fees for the money transfer.

Prerequisite: the product is unused, the product appearance has not changed, documents, labels and original packaging have been preserved.

Please send the returned item with a free form refund request to the same address from which it was received.

The return policy applies only to goods ordered and purchased in the online store.


Cost of payment for goods.

We do not refund the cash collection service fee, which the buyer pays when paying in cash to the courier or Lithuanian Post Office.


Order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania:
Regarding the approval of the rules for the sale of goods and the provision of services when contracts are concluded using means of communication, No. 285

Order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania:
Regarding the approval of the rules for returning and exchanging items .




All Buyer's orders are delivered within 7-10 days.

In Lithuania:

  • Delivery is free to selected Omniva post machines


  • The price of delivery to foreign countries is 9 euros.

1. The buyer, who has chosen the delivery service during the order, undertakes to indicate the exact place of delivery of the goods.
1.2. The buyer undertakes to accept the goods himself. In the event that the Buyer cannot accept the goods himself, and the goods are delivered to the specified address, the Buyer has no right to make claims to the Seller regarding the delivery of the goods to the wrong entity.
1.3. The goods are delivered by the Seller's authorized representative (courier).
1.4. The Seller delivers the goods to the Buyer in accordance with the terms specified in the product descriptions. These terms are preliminary and do not apply in cases where the Seller does not have the necessary goods in stock and the Buyer is informed of the shortage of the ordered goods. At the same time, the Buyer agrees that in exceptional cases the delivery of the goods may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the Seller. In this case, the Seller undertakes to immediately contact the Buyer and coordinate the terms of delivery of the goods.
1.5. The buyer must in all cases immediately inform the seller if the package is delivered in damaged or otherwise damaged packaging, if the package contains unordered goods or the wrong quantity of them, incomplete product set.
1.6. In all cases, if the buyer notices any damage to the package during delivery, he must indicate the comments in the package delivery document provided by the courier or draw up a separate document regarding these violations. The Buyer must do this in the presence of the courier. If such actions are not taken, the Seller is released from responsibility towards the Buyer for product damage related to packaging damage, which the Buyer did not note in the courier's delivery document.




At any time, you have the right to receive free of charge information about your submitted and saved data, to change, block or, if necessary, even delete them.

In our online store, payment for goods takes place through the paysera.lt system, direct bank transfers or cash. After choosing your bank, you will be directed to your online banking page through the paysera.lt system. Your transfer will be safe - this is ensured by paysera.lt and the systems of the bank you use. We use modern reliable protection mechanisms that are only currently available on the market.

Please note that our staff will never email you. does not ask you to access bank data, bank card numbers, passwords or any other information by mail, phone or in any other way, the use of which may cause you financial or any other damage.


Law on Amendments to the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania No. IX-1296



MB "Ferior intima" (hereinafter - feriorintima.lt) is important to protect the personal data of you - our customers and other data subjects. Therefore, we are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of each data subject.

This Privacy Policy contains essential information about the processing of personal data carried out by feriorintima.lt, the storage of this data and the rights of data subjects.

I. Basic concepts


  1. Personal data - any information about an identified or identifiable natural person (data subject); an identifiable natural person is a person whose identity can be determined directly or indirectly, in particular by an identifier such as a name, a personal identification number, location data and an Internet identifier, or by one or more of that natural person's physical, signs of physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity;
  2. Data processing - any operation or sequence of operations performed by automated or non-automated means on personal data or sets of personal data, such as collection, recording, sorting, systematization, storage, adaptation or modification, extraction, familiarization, use, disclosure by transmission, distribution or otherwise by making it possible to use them, as well as juxtaposition or combination with other data, restriction, deletion or destruction;
  3. Data Recipient - a natural or legal person, government authority, agency or other body to which personal data is disclosed, whether or not it is a third party. However, public authorities which, under Union or Member State law, may receive personal data in the context of a specific investigation are not considered data recipients; when processing that data, those public authorities comply with the applicable data protection rules appropriate to the purposes of the data processing;
  4. Third party - a natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other institution that is not a data subject, data controller, data processor, or persons who are allowed to process personal data by direct authority of the data controller or data processor;
  5. Consent of the data subject - any freely given, specific and unambiguous expression of the will of a properly informed data subject by means of a statement or unequivocal actions by which he agrees to the processing of personal data related to him;
  6. Data subject - a natural person whose personal data is processed;
  7. Special category data - personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership in trade unions, as well as data revealing health data, data about a natural person's sex life and/or sexual orientation.


II. Personal data


1. Legal criteria for processing personal data


Feriorintima.lt collects and further processes your personal data only based on the legal grounds defined in the legal acts governing the protection of personal data:

  • With your consent;
  • in order to conclude and/or execute the contract concluded with you.


2. Purposes of processing personal data


Feriorintima.lt processes data for the purpose of electronic commerce.



3. Personal data are processed


Feriorintima.lt processes the following data:

  • with your consent, personal data that you provide when registering on the website www.feriorintima.lt (this is basic information, for example, first name, last name, e-mail address, e-mail address);
  • personal data obtained when concluding a business (cooperation) contract (name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number);
  • other data which are collected based on your consent and which are defined in detail at the time when your consent is requested;
  • other data that are received in order to conclude and/or execute the contract concluded with you;


4. Cookies


In order to improve your experience when visiting feriorintima.lt websites, we use cookies - small pieces of textual information that are automatically created when browsing the website and are stored on your computer or other terminal device. The information collected by cookies allows us to ensure the smooth operation of the website, your ability to browse more comfortably, and learn more about the behavior of our website users, analyze trends and improve both the website and your service, as well as the services provided by Feriorintima.lt.

Cookie data is not transferred to third parties.

You can choose whether you want to accept cookies. If you do not agree to cookies being saved on your computer or other end device, you can change your internet browser settings and disable all cookies or enable/disable them one by one. However, please note that in some cases this may slow down your internet browsing speed, limit the functionality of certain websites or block access to the website.

5. Term of personal data storage


We store your personal data for no longer than is required by the purposes of data processing or provided by legal acts, if longer data storage is stipulated in them.
We strive not to store outdated or unnecessary information and to ensure that personal data and other customer information is kept up-to-date and correct.


6. Provision of personal data


Feriorintima.lt provides your data:

  • With your consent, clearly defined data recipients;
  • For institutions or organizations in accordance with the requirements of legal acts;
  • To other third parties with your consent, which may be obtained for a specific case.



III. Feriorinrima.lt uses personal data security measures


The activity of Feriorintima.lt on the Internet meets all the requirements of international legal acts, European Union legal acts and the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.


1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


When processing the personal data of data subjects, Feriorintima.lt complies with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation and has implemented appropriate organizational and technical measures to ensure the security of personal data, which help protect personal data from accidental or illegal destruction, alteration, disclosure, as well as from any other illegal processing. .


IV. The procedure for implementing the rights of data subjects


You have the right to:

  • contact Feriorintima.lt with a request to provide information about your personal data processed by Feriorintima.lt ("right to know" and "right to access");
  • apply to Feriorintima .lt with a request to correct or destroy your personal data, when you determine that the data is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate ("right to correct and destroy");
  • contact Feriorintima .lt with a request to suspend the processing of your personal data, if you determine that the personal data is being processed illegally or unfairly ("right to suspend");
  • contact Feriorintima .lt with a request to object to further processing of your personal data ("right to object");
  • contact Feriorintima .lt with a request to restrict the processing of your data, if the processing of personal data is illegal ("right to restrict");
  • apply to Feriorintima .lt with a request to delete your data when personal data has been processed illegally or personal data is no longer necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected or otherwise processed" ("right to be forgotten");
  • contact Feriorintima .lt with a request to provide information about Feriorintima .lt processing personal data and to receive data in a structured, commonly used and computer-readable format ("right to data portability").


In exercising these rights, you can contact Feriorintima .lt in any way convenient for you:

email by mail: feriorintima@gmail.com

Tel. No. +370 645 69189


If it is not possible to resolve the issue with Feriorintima .lt and if you are concerned about Feriorintima .lt action/inaction, which may not comply with the requirements of this Privacy Notice or legal acts, you have the right to apply to the Supervisory Authority, which is responsible for the supervision and control of legal acts regulating the protection of personal data.